We're casting!

About the play:
ORGASM is a brand new show from emerging theatre company About Wolves, which aims to explore the world of orgasms and sexual pleasure through a non cis-male lens. By that we mean exploring what orgasms are to self-identifying women, non-binary or gender queer folk and trans men from a whole spectrum of different sexualities.

Using verbatim text gathered in interviews to inspire physical movement sequences the show will be a brave, bold and funny performance, a surprisingly joyous act of dissent against all those who think it is a taboo subject, against all those who have sought to silence discussions on it.

ORGASM will be presented as a 30 minute work-in-progress performance at Camden People’s Theatre on Sunday 30th April as part of their Hotbed Festival: a festival of sex guaranteed to expand your carnal knowledge! It is our hope to develop the work-in-progress performance into a full-length show and so there is the (hopefully high) possibility this will lead to a longer, funded run of the show.

Character details:
Age: any
Ethnicity: any

We are looking for five performers from a variety of different backgrounds to reflect the diversity of the interview participants and for that reason we strongly encourage applications from LGBTQIA+ and BAME artists.

Desired Skills:
- Experience of or training in physical theatre and/or movement-based work
- Experience working with verbatim text
- Experience working as part of an ensemble devising physical work in response to text
- An enthusiasm for the project and the subject matter
- A willingness to experiment and try things in the rehearsal room without fear of failure

Rehearsals and Performance dates:
Rehearsals will take place on the 19th, 20th, 21st, 26th, 28th and 29th April from 10am-4pm. Please only apply if you are able to make these rehearsal dates as the piece is going to rely heavily on devising and working as an ensemble.

The performance will take place on Sunday 30th April at 7pm with a tech rehearsal scheduled during the daytime.

Whilst we really hate to perpetuate the culture of not paying actors for their work, as an emerging company we are limited in our financial capacity. This project is being entirely self-funded and therefore we can only offer a flat fee of £60 to each performer.

Please email us at aboutwolvestheatre@gmail.com if you require further details about the fee or rehearsal commitment.

Auditions will take place on Wednesday 5th April in three different groups: 10:30am-12pm, 12:30-2pm and 2:30-4pm. This will be a group audition and will involve devising some movement based work as well as preparing a short monologue from the script, which we will send to you should we wish to offer you an audition.

How to apply:
To apply for an audition please send a short cover letter and your Spotlight link (or a CV and headsho) to aboutwolvestheatre@gmail.com with the subject line AUDITION & YOUR NAME by 12PM on Thursday 30th March . Please state in your cover letter if you have a preferred audition time slot.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Someone Found Update

It's been over three months since we previewed Someone Found at The Pleasance Theatre in Islington so we thought we'd give you a little update on the show and our plans for it this year.

Both Ami and Alex have been extremely busy with other projects the last couple of months, and I have been working on About Wolves next project 'Orgasm' (update to follow) so for now, Someone Found has taken a back seat. However, come the end of April our schedules will be a little clearer and it is our plan to revisit the script then, which Alex has been re-drafting based on feedback following the preview.

Arts Council applications, fundraising events and securing a venue for a three week run are all to follow. We really believe this show has legs as an original and moving story and we look forward to bringing it back to a London theatre later this year, most likely in October/November, so watch this space!   

Casting Opportunity

We are casting for our debut production 'Someone Found' which will preview at the Pleasance Theatre, Islington for three nights in November. Please see the character breakdown and production details below. 

About the company:

About Wolves Theatre Company was founded based on a desire to tell the stories of women throughout history and the present who achieved or experienced amazing, fascinating things and deserve to have their tales told. 

About the play:

“It was painfully apparent from the earliest days that the real tragedy in her life was not the first captivity but the second.” - Empire of the Summer Moon, S. C. Gwynne

Cynthia Ann Parker, an American of European descent was kidnapped in 1836 by a Comanche war band from her home in Fort Parker, Texas. She lived with the Nocomi tribe for twenty five years, marrying their chief Peta Nocona and bearing three children before being recaptured against her will by Texan Rangers at The Battle of Pease River. Forced back into a way of life that had become alien to her, About Wolves Theatre Company uses visceral imagery and explorative text to dramatise this deeply moving and human story of her 'second captivity' in their debut production, ‘Someone Found’.

Character Breakdown:

Wiliam Parker, playing age 25-35

William is a Confederate Soldier fighting in the Civil War in 1861. He is struggling with war, masculinity and cowardice. He has a close relationship with his wife and is the cousin of Cynthia Ann Parker. This part will be integral to telling Cynthia's story.  

Strong physical actor with good stage presence. Strong build and powerful voice. The majority of text will be direct address to the audience. Experience in devising a bonus as there will be some movement sequences we devise in the rehearsal room.  

Southern American Accent required though please note there will be an accent coach in the rehearsal room. 

*** This will be a colour blind casting, we welcome applicants from all ethnicities for this role ***

Rehearsal and Performance dates:

Rehearsals will take place Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm from 17th October to 10th November. The actor playing William will only be needed 3 days a week. There can be some flexibility as to which days these are based around other work commitments.

You must be available for all of the performance week (Monday 7th November to Thursday 10th November).

The show runs from Thursday 10th November to Saturday 12th November. On the 11th and 12th November actors will only be required in the evening (call time approx. 6:30pm). 

This is a preview of the work and it is highly likely there will be a three week run in 2017 as we have had strong interest in the project from other venues. So there is the potential to be involved in this project beyond these dates. 


Whilst we do not wish to perpetuate the culture of not paying actors for their work, as an emerging company we are limited in our financial capacity. The final fee for this job is therefore funding dependent however we can guarantee a fee of £30 per performance (£90 total). If our funding bid is successful we will be able to pay ITC rates for the full duration of the project.

Please email us if you require further details about the fee or rehearsal commitment.


Auditions will take place on Tuesday 4th October (location TBC) from 10am-4pm. The audition will take approximately 15 minutes and will involve preparing a short monologue from the script which we will send to you should we wish to offer you an audition. For the audition please do not worry about doing a Southern American accent if you do not feel comfortable with it. Please state in your cover letter if you have a preferred time slot. 

How to apply:

If you would like to be considered for this role please email aboutwolvestheatre@gmail.com with the subject 'Casting Call: Someone Found'. Please include a brief covering letter and a link to your spotlight CV (please make sure it is a link rather than your Pin number), If you are not on Spotlight please attach a copy of your most recent CV instead and a link to your showreel (if you have one).  

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Wednesday 28th September. 

In the beginning...

Sitting outside in scorching 27 degree heat to write this it feels strange to think it was only six months ago on a cold, wet April morning that Ami, Alex and I were huddled over cups of tea in my living room discussing our frustration at the lack of roles available to women where they are allowed to just be human.

Of course there has been a big movement in recent years to combat the pattern of women playing the victim, wife, girlfriend, eye candy etc., props in the male protagonist’s story, and often this has resulted in an obsession with the ‘strong female protagonist’. Yet having this label thrown at us isn’t really much of an improvement when you think about it. You’d never ask a man “What’s it like to play such a strong male?” because it’s accepted that male parts are strong as a default. I’m not necessarily talking in a physical sense here but in the sense that they are well-written, well-rounded, three-dimensional characters that are allowed to be flawed. In short they are human.

This is what we crave. A diverse set of roles written for a diverse set of women who are allowed to be flawed, allowed to be human and, above all, allowed to tell their story.

Thus came the suggestion of forming a theatre company committed to telling interesting, fascinating stories that just happened to have women at their heart.

We began actively searching for such stories and it was Alex who came across Cynthia Ann Parker whilst reading ‘Empire of the Summer Moon’ by S. C. Gwynne. The story spoke to us all in different ways and the more we read the more we felt passionate about dramatising it for stage.

In June we embarked on a week-long period of research and development, testing out ideas in rehearsal space generously donated by Theatre Delicatessen. We focused on how we could update Cynthia Ann’s story for a modern day audience, looking at how we related to it as women and people today.  However, following a scratch sharing of our work and whilst evaluating the material we had created thus far we realised her story was powerful enough to speak to audiences today without the need for a modern spin.

August saw us spend time at The Brockley Jack, developing the structure of the play and the key characters, and in September we began work on the script, settling on the title ‘Someone Found’ for our piece which we will preview at The Pleasance Theatre, Islington from Thurs 10th - Sat 12th November.

If you would like to support us in making this show happen we are currently crowdfunding here

It’s been an exciting journey so far and we are really looking forward to sharing our work with you in a couple of months!