2017: ORgasm

Why do cis male orgasms get so much air-time? Are other orgasms really as mysterious and elusive as popular culture would have you believe?

'Orgasm' is a brave, bold and amusing performance exploring the world of non cis male pleasure through verbatim text and physical theatre in a surprisingly joyous act of dissent against all those who think it is a taboo subject, against all those who have sought to silence discussions on it.


About Wolves will present a thirty minute work-in-progress for 'Big Bang 1' on the 30th April at Camden People's Theatre as part of Hotbed: A Festival of Sex. The performance starts at 7pm and tickets for the event can be bought here.


“Nothing about her is human. Except that she is not a wolf. But she is like us. No she is not. Not yet.”

Wild women - those who deviate from society's expectations of them - have been treated with mistrust and contempt for centuries. Weaving fairytale narrative and ensemble theatre this piece explores what it means to conform.


About Wolves presented an extract of Wolf Girl, written by Ami Sayers, at Fourth Monkey Theatre Company's Alumni Scratch Night in December 2016.

- Past -

2016: Someone Found

“It was painfully apparent from the earliest days that the real tragedy in her life was not the first captivity but the second.” - Empire of the Summer Moon, S. C. Gwynne

Cynthia Ann Parker, an American of European descent was kidnapped in 1836 by a Comanche war band from her home in Fort Parker, Texas. She lived with the tribe for twenty five years, marrying their chief Peta Nocona and bearing three children before being recaptured against her will by Texan Rangers at The Battle of Pease River. Forced back into a way of life that had become alien to her, About Wolves Theatre Company uses visceral imagery and explorative text to dramatise this deeply moving and human story of her 'second captivity'. 


Someone Found previewed at the Pleasance Theatre, London in November 2016 to a sold-out audience.

Reviews & Audience Feedback:

Theatre company About Wolves have crafted an interesting tale, based on real life historical figure Cynthia Ann Parker... Someone Found's message about listening to the plight and wishes of women, as well as looking at the bigger picture is universally relevant.” - Michael Davis, Female Arts 

I loved the story-telling, beautiful characters and the beautifully crafted transitions

Great performances, brilliant script!

Enigmatic, energetic and engaging performances

The atmosphere and imagery created by the actors was excellent

I loved seeing women represented on stage so well in this story!